Terms and Conditions

If your site contains many popups or redirecting visitors to other site, we will block your ad.

If you are aiming to earn money from visitor’s clicks by placing many ads to your site, we will block your ad.

If you tried to bring virtual visitors or clicks to your ad, we will block your ad.

If your sites ads overcome your sites contents, we will block your ad.

• You can add any number of Ads as well in return place Exchange For Free code in a site belongs to you or under your management for each AD.

• Exchange For Free code and Ads must be in a visible place in your site.

• If you hide, delete or modify our Ads code from your site, Your AD will be disabled automatically and will disappear from all subscribers websites immediately.

• You must add Exchange For Free advertising code to your website as it is without any modifications to be able to activate your AD.

• Sexual Ads not allowed at all and placing this kind of Ads may lead to final closing to your account.

• Not allowed at all placing an AD contains words that would harm and breach security, social peace and national unity.

• Not allowed at all placing an AD contains words that would encourage terrorism or harming safety of individuals or facilities.

• Exchange For Free management are allowed to disable your AD any time without warning while discovering any violation in placed Ads.

• Exchange For Free management are allowed to show Ads for sites that do not show Ads of the rest of the subscribers.

• Not allowed to place an AD would offend religions, certain countries, or certain people.

• All legal responsibilities located on an AD under user rests as Agreed this terms and conditions of using Exchange For Free services.

• Terms and Conditions are modifiable at any time and all subscribers will be notified for that.

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